Who We Are

Pioneering new ways of self-sustaining Charity since 1979.

Enterprise4Good is an organization dedicated to abandoning the old charitable model by engaging the revolutionary new model of Social Enterprise. We are successful pioneers. We focus on engaging and connecting people who care about social issues in their communities locally and globally to provide sustainable services, while at the same time working to permanently solve issues and problems. We are made up of several entities all with the aim of creating caring communities and helping those in need, through Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprise uses business methodology to accomplish a public good. For over 20 years we have successfully created brand new business practices to provide individuals and communities with the tools and services they need to bring about lasting social change. We will never stop innovating.

“Social enterprises are businesses owned by nonprofit organizations, that are directly involved in the production and/or selling of goods and services for the blended purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims. Social enterprises are one more tool for non-profits to use to meet their mission to contribute to healthy communities.”  Social Enterprise Council of Canada

Unlike many of today's non profit organizations who must continually fundraise, we have created our own predictable revenue streams that allow us to provide consistent, stable support and services where they are needed. We also have the financial strength and dedicated human resources with the passion to work to solve social issues and problems permanently.