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Help Kelly Gurtin with Hail Damage Repairs

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In the Enterprise4Good organizational code we have the value of being employee-focused.  This is a time for us to live that value and look after our own.

Like many others, Kelly Gurtin was horrified at the damage caused to her cozy home this summer when a nasty hailstorm passed over NE Calgary. The roof, siding, windows, and doors are all in desperate need of repair to keep the residence safe and habitable for winter. Unfortunately, we all know how difficult insurance can be to deal with and Kelly’s story is no different; they’ll only cover a fraction of the estimated $23,000 costs. Even worse, if she can’t complete the repairs herself there’s a significant risk that she’ll lose her insurance coverage altogether and won’t be able to keep her home.

Here’s the real kicker: following a horrible automotive accident, Kelly is a C 3/4 quadriplegic and suffers from terrible chronic pain. While she relies on Long Term Disability, the modest income just barely covers her necessities. While she has forged ahead to be self-sufficient and live a life of purpose, she just hasn’t had the ability to build up savings for an emergency of this size.

Over the last 20 years, Kelly has been giving back to her community by working with a local non-profit called Enterprise4Good. She has been critical in organizing charity casino fundraising and providing clinical programming and employment assistance for people with disabilities. It’d be hard to calculate just how many volunteer hours she’s contributed to the organization and its events. Throughout the various positions she has filled over the years, the positive impact her loyalty and dedication have had on the lives of disabled individuals in Calgary is inspiring.

Despite her physical challenges, Kelly has been living her best life. She has accomplished her goals and has been a shining example of support to her family, friends, and community. Everyone she knows is blessed to have her in their midst. She could definitely use a hand in her time of need.

We can’t imagine such a wonderful person losing their home. Life has dealt Kelly constant adversity and she deserves a break. We hope to raise $17,000 to pay for Kelly’s hail damage as well as some necessary home accommodations and environmental controls to make her home safer and more comfortable.

Please help us show Kelly just how much the community appreciates her when she needs it most.

Click here to Share and Donate to Kelly Gurtin's GoFundMe page. 

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