Currently the following three enterprises operate under Enterprise4Good:


Friends4Good provides safe, fulfilling philanthropic experiences that are truly life changing. We have been taking groups of volunteers around the world since 2005 to help communities and improve the quality of life for people in need. Brick by brick our groups are building schools, teachers' housing, dormitories, and most of all, forming life changing relationships.

Are you ready to experience something truly life changing?

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Ability4Good provides all of the clinical services formerly offered by the Ability Society for those with special needs. Existing programs will continue to operate as normal as we look for opportunities to expand and improve our services for those that need them.


Assessment, training and educational services - Edmonton

Ability4Good provides a variety of assessments for personal requests and Workers Compensation Board. We specialize in computer training including access, voice recognition, and MS Office training. Our assessment services are provided on a fee-for-service basis and are available to any age.

ComputAbility & TechFriends Testing Centre

ComputAbility is offered in Calgary and offers Tutor or Support Worker Assisted learning. Depending on individual needs and learning goals, a student may request a tutor. Our tutors work on the individuals’ goals and at the participants’ pace. Some of the more popular areas of concentration are basic skills, Internet, Social Networking and MS Office. Our tutors work with each student for a minimum of 1 hour per week.


FutureWays is a child/youth-centred skill development program targeted towards the goals of community integration and independence, both in the present and in the future when the child/youth reaches adulthood. It provides skill development for children with a special need and their parents/caregivers, so that they may achieve a significant measure of community integration and independence today (whatever the capabilities of a particular child) as well as to prepare them for adulthood when they are no longer eligible for this service after age 18. FutureWays will work with children/youth participants from age 3 to age 18 who will receive age-appropriate skill development, plus supporting a child through life transitions. Parents will be involved with their child/youth every step of the way. FutureWays may be funded by FSCD or be provided on a private basis.

Sensory Room

Open to persons of all ages, the purpose of the Sensory Room is to provide both stimulating and calming experiences to promote self-regulation, positive behaviour, and opportunity for children and adults to engage with others and their environment.

The Sensory Room is available for use by the public. Bookings for public use may be made through our Calgary Office (403-262-9445 ext. 0). The drop in fee is $5.00 (cash only) for 45 minutes.

Early Birds

Early Birds is a parent teaching program available in Calgary and Edmonton. Our multidisciplinary team works with parents to teach them the direct skills they need to support their child. Our program is a combination of consultation and hands on demonstration which gives parents the opportunity to practice and hone their skills safely. Our aim is to create a supported learning environment for parents, guardians or caregivers, which allows parents to try techniques with the aid of their team.


THRIVE is a community based aid program, with a goal to empower special needs children to become active and engaged members of their communities.

The program takes place largely out in the community, with the exception of workshops for those who require additional support. With a multifaceted approach and thoughtful planning, families of special needs children can make the transition towards independent community participation.

For more information, visit the Ability4Good website here.


Homes4Good provides quality, affordable accommodation to seniors and those with special needs. Any additional revenue generated from the enterprise is used to enhance or expand current facilities allowing us to improve the living experience, quality of life and meet the needs of our current and future tenants.

Finding accessible and comfortable rental housing can be stressful enough, but imagine the additional challenges faced by vulnerable individuals. Now with Homes4Good, we can assist seniors and people with special needs find a place they can call home.

Current locations:


  • 6115 Bowness Road NW
  • 6116 Bowness Road NW
  • 4340 73rd Street NW
  • 4503 73rd Street NW